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The Convenience of Reliable Outsourcing Services

I have been providing English-language communication services since 1997, including translation, copywriting and editing for the private and public sector in Quebec and Canada.

Among my clients are advertising and multimedia firms, communication consultants, film-funding agencies, hospitals, publishing houses, software developers, universities, academic journals, Web branding and marketing specialists, environmental groups and nonprofit organizations.


A professional translation involves much more than understanding the basics of language. Rather, it is an artful adaptation of source material to the specifics of the context. A poor translation of a word can drastically alter its meaning and cause confusion. The ultimate goal is to deliver a well-written translation that reads like the original text.


Good copywriting must grab the reader’s attention from the outset. This critical connection ensures that the intended message is properly conveyed and received. When you want your marketing and advertising campaigns to strike a chord, you need to have the right words. Engaging content lets your audience clearly hear what you have to say.


A few mistakes in a text can be the difference between a poor first impression and a good one. Properly edited copy allows the reader to focus on the message being imparted and not be distracted by errors. Good editing requires a keen eye, perseverance and a sense of overview.

Clients (partial list)

Douglas Hospital

Environment Canada


LEARN Quebec

McConnell Foundation

McGill University

Ministère de l’Éducation

Naud & Associés

Québec en Forme

Reader's Digest

Saine Marketing

Studio Azura

Telefilm Canada

Tourisme Montréal

Université de Sherbrooke

A Versatile Portfolio

Over the years, I have tackled a variety of projects:

  • Translating annual reports, financial statements and auditors' reports
  • Translating calls for tenders, contracts and human resources documents
  • Editing and proofreading policy manuals, educational materials and academic journals
  • Copywriting for direct mail letters, brochures and catalogues
  • Translating press releases, marketing presentations and customer surveys
  • Translating advertisements, slogans and websites
  • Revising news articles and blogs
  • Transcribing audio and video interviews